Coronavirus crisis – Help inquiries

The coronavirus crisis weakens even more people in a precarious situation.
If you encounter financial difficulties, you can request help from the authorities who have put some support measures in place. You will find more information about public assistance on the Canton of Vaud website.  
We highly recommend you to contact in priority your nearest regional social center. They will be able to counsel and direct you, as well as open a right to the social integration income if your situation allows it.
If these actions cannot alleviate your financial difficulties soon enough, or if you cannot access them, you can contact our social service phone permanence : 021 622 06 39 (Monday to Thursday from 9am to 4pm, and Friday from 9am to 12pm). After you've reached the reception, a delay of 1 month (Monday to Friday) can be expected before being interviewd by our social service, due to the amount of requests received.

The help provided by Caritas Vaud is free. Anyone can submit an application without having to go through a third party. Under no circomstances should someone pay a third party to get our assistance.